Fish and A Biscuit

I  love the way God seeks out the ordinary.  Who can figure when and where He will let His glory appear in the mundane and the insufficient.  I wonder how many times I’ve missed it because I wasn’t looking, or wasn’t willing to set down my own agenda and risk a bit. I love Mark 6:37-44. The account, if true, would require a miracle…but aren’t those everywhere you look?  Think about it. Plus, I know some people who, like that little boy and the disciple Andrew, have risked a little (or a lot) and glimpsed the divine. I want to be one of them.

I suppose it’s natural to  most immediately want to see divine provision in our children’s lives.  What parent isn’t familiar with the ache of watching your child tackle a bewildering challenge that will require much more than anything your presence, wisdom, or  love can provide?  The story in Mark reminds me that God can turn shortage in its many forms, into abundance.

Fish and a Biscuit

Feeling empty-handed and inadequate,
Longing to deliver healing and joy,
I sit down next to you as you face
A turbulent sea
And try to figure how to cross.

I want a staff like Moses’,
Authority from Yahweh himself
To part the waters, make a path
Across the troubling deep.

I want a voice like Jesus’,
He slept through a storm, but woke to say,
“Peace, Be Still.”
And the threatening storm obeyed.

I want a faith like Paul’s.
He prayed and chains fell off.
But many more nights
No rescue came, and yet he praised you still.

I want audacity like Andrew.
A hillside of hungry folk to feed- with what?
A small boy’s lunch?
Smirks be damned, he brought it to his Master
And the entire crowd was fed.

I see your need, I hear your pain,
And all I feel I have:
A handful of fish and a measly biscuit.
Inadequate, I cannot meet your need.

So, swallowing pride, I hand over our impossibilities
To the Merciful One
Who, it seems, loves to fill
An empty hand and an expectant heart.

Lord, turn our shortage to abundance.
Bring victory in this trial.
Make feast from fish and a biscuit.

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