Not the Airport Again

You’ve been there. If you haven’t, you will be. The dreaded airport drop off. Airport pick up is so much more fun.  I don’t know why, but I’m always caught off guard by how fast we arrive at the departures terminal when it’s time for one of our children to return to their new life “out there”, a.k.a. “not here”.  That sounds bitter – I’m really not.  I want our kids to fly, literally and figuratively, with our heartfelt blessing.  I just know that when it’s time to head for the airport, I better pack the Kleenex.  Years of being able to revel in the dailiness of life with your child really do come to an end.  It’s not easy.  But once again, as it so often does, gratitude comes to the rescue.  Only gratitude helps me take inventory not only of what was, but what is, and what will be.  All praise to Him who gives “every good and perfect gift”.
James 1:17-18

Us Becoming You

 Nearing the airport,

I’m painfully reminded,

That once again

Us will become You.


Our hearts hang low.

Odd: so public a place

For such a private moment.


Surrounded by agitated strangers,

We embrace you.

Throats constricted ,

Tears welling.

Releasing yet again.


On the Richter Scale of Good-Byes,

This one hardly ranks.

Grieving parents,

Heavy on our hearts,

Have released at heaven’s gate.

But parting always shocks and jars,

Releases sweet memories of days

We had you to ourselves.


Recovering self-control,

We kiss you one last time.

Pleading Abba Father

To bless and keep, protect.

We climb back in the car,

Exchanging melancholy smiles.

If words were possible,

They wouldn’t do.

They’d fail to capture

Our gratefulness

For all that’s gone before,

For Us and We,

And the path laid out for You.


Kpeterson January 2013

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One Response to Not the Airport Again

  1. Melanie says:

    thank God for the reminder that we will always be reunited….someday, somehow! This side of heaven or the other

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