Darkness and Daybreak

Nighttime can be a brutal battleground in the War with Worries.  Most of us know this firsthand.   The unresolved and the unknown climb out from under the bed and terrorize some nights.   I am learning to wait them out, to wait for the mercy that comes at dawn.

 Lamentations 3:22-26

Darkness and Daybreak

Dark for hours,
The night drags on.
Threatens to undo.
Tension mounts,
Mind runs wild.
How can this be borne?

Kneeling on the floor,
White flag unfurled,
Struggling to raise
the banner of surrender,
I breathe mercy pleas.

Somewhere in those hours raw,
The room’s hue
Undergoes a subtle change.
No flash of light or flood.
Understated and obscure,
Nowhere near enough.

I look outside.
The eastern edge of sky
Hints pink hope.
Beams of light
Clamber quietly
Up, over mountain peaks
To the valley floor,
Diffusing gloomy skies.
Darkness slowly heads to bed.
Illumination ushers it away.
Sun rises,
Fears sink.
Drowned in luminosity.

As days break eternal,
Your mercies are renewed.
We cannot outlive your love.
But the nighttime with its silence
Requires feisty trust
That sits  quietly and waits.

I long to have a confidence
In the midnight trials.
To know at dusk
What I own at dawn:
That while unseen,
You are there
In darkness and daybreak.

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