The Dam

The Dam

The dam’s gotten awfully high.
I’ve fought, lobbied, and demonstrated,
but it’s been built.

No cascades resound power.
No droplets seep promise.
No wild torrent flows joy.

All of that power,
all of that weight,
bears down.
Quiet, gradual,
heavy and relentless.

Break the dam, Lord.
It threatens to choke and drown
the canyon of my existence.

You say you have the power
to break dams,
restore ruins,

Break the dam, Lord.
I cannot break myself.
I cannot change what is.
Please, Lord,
blow the dam apart.

Life can be so very heavy.   I am mindful of you who know this truth most profoundly, and  I embrace you across the miles.

We have recently been through a time when  a series of circumstances bore down heavy, like acre after acre of water behind a dam.   We were required to trust the Lord  past any point we had ever had to trust before.  As we prayed for direction and deliverance, as far as we could tell, the answer was a disappointing,  “Stay the course and trust Me.”  This, of course,  is easier said than done. There was no reprieve coming just yet and definitely not on our terms.

I wrote this prayer at the end of a difficult day.  It’s kind of an angry prayer, and I shared it only with my husband.  So imagine our surprise when some months later and many miles away, our brother-in-law  used the very phrase “Break the dam, Lord” while  praying with my husband the night before he interviewed for a job that would require us to move.  It was as if God had chosen this pinnacle moment to whisper reassurance to us through this interceding prayer that included the very image that meant so much.  We needed it, because while the breaking of dams is exhilarating,  it is not without a good deal of tumult.  As I’m sure you know firsthand,  new challenges arise to replace the old, but the experience of that moment when He used such a deeply personal expression to remind us of His faithfulness, fuels us still.

If you feel like the dam has gotten awfully high in your life, take heart (and give writing your own angry prayer a try- it’s very therapeutic).   He says He is a dam-breaking,  delivering God.   I pray that we can wait for Him to  release and redeem  according to His mysterious timeline, not ours.

Moishia’ – Hebrew – ” My Deliverer”        Isaiah 43 (vs 11 in particular)

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One Response to The Dam

  1. David Morrison says:

    Don’t feel any danger,
    but feel some anger.
    Behind the dam
    Streams cease.
    The reservoir is empty.
    Lord, send your peace.

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