Sea Stones



Plain little jewels of the sea

Resting easy in my hand,

Your velvety roundness

Breathes tranquility in me.

Funny this should be,

For you were born in the fires of this sphere.

Ejected rudely with sudden blast

Or chipped from wholeness,

Pressed and wave-tossed.

Upheaval  transformed you from igneous grit

To this polished state.

You do not sparkle or shine

With color bright,

But your creamy grain

Soothes, beautifies your loud world

Where surf and sand collide.

Placed in my palm,

You help me pause,

Remember that time and stormy seas

Might just knock the jaggedness off me.

kpeterson   January, 2013

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One Response to Sea Stones

  1. tjpete2013 says:

    Love it. Your becoming my daily devotional. Great job. Had to look up igneous.
    Keep those big words coming.

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