The Waiting Room



 I do not want to be here.

And judging by the pinched faces

Of others who wait uneasily,

I am not alone.

But it sure  feels that way.


So why the long delay?

Did I miss my appointed time?

I thought I had it right.

All I know is that for now

I am stuck in this room

That threatens to suffocate.

Someone crack a window before I bolt.


Sometimes life halts us in our tracks,

Holds us there, pins us down.

The weight of waiting,

It stretches the soul taut.

How can something that sounds so passive

Require every ounce of self-control?


I close my eyes and breathe deep.

Murmuring a wordless prayer,

I strap myself to my seat.

Uncomfortable as it may be,

I will wait as long as it takes

For the Good Physician ,

My Counselor,

To open the door, call my name,

And reveal His healing course of treatment:

His destiny for me.


Kerry Peterson     January 2013

Is waiting the worst or what?  I have yet to hear someone babble on excitedly about how they’re “really enjoying this season of stagnancy and unfulfilled longing.”  Nope.  I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been through what seemed  to be an excruciatingly long period of waiting, and I am  praying today for any of you who are wishing there were a  way to switch from the “pause” to the “play” or maybe even the “fast forward” button.   Sometimes insult adds to injury and in addition to waiting for what’s next, you feel the sting of missing what you’ve known and loved.  I am happy to say that Lamentations 3:25 and 26 has something encouraging to say about that.





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