Cup of Grace

Sunday Cup of Grace

Sunday Cup of Grace

Soft Sunday Stillness.

Shrillness of the mid-week race

Shushed by calming sunshine

That illuminates and absorbs

Steam of ginger tea from porcelain cup.


Mind unwinds,

Makes room for Holiness

In this moment where I can ponder Grace,

Submerge my spirit, and steep in this His Sea of Great Love,

Whose generous depths cannot be plumbed,

Where reviving waters wash the grime of guilt

And crust of selfishness away.


Grace, a gift,

By its very nature


Breathed on us, His Charis-favor,

We rejoice in the overflowing fullness of His gift.

Favor bestowed so liberally from

The Giver’s store of love.


Let me carry this holy water with me.

I bring this cracked cup of my life

To fill as you provide,

That I may serve it up to others

Who weary of the struggle and of self.


Revive us Lord,

With your redemption that renews.

And like the wine at the Cana wedding,

The fish and bread on Judean hillside,

The oil for the widow and her sons,

Make it last.

Multiply its provision,

May I faithful with its contents be.


Prone  to be tightfisted,

I hoard and measure carefully,

As if its mine to give.

Forgive me,

Let your mercy-love spill over the rim,

Seep through the cracks,

As you will, where you will, and when.

kpeterson   february 2013

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