Long Live Love

  • You and Me

    Valentine’s 2013


    Where does one end and the other begin?

    We mellow, blur, and blend.

    Innumerable threads knit together.

    Countless moments:

    From blissful to mundane,

    To heartbreaking and back again,

    They have knit us together.

    Binding right to our core.

    Yours a steady thrum,

    Mine a mercurial trill,

    Even heartbeats fuse and harmonize.


    We’re cut from different cloth, to be sure.

    But as we tear swaths from both bolts

    And labor over the stitching together

    We find such color and design.

    Like a patchwork quilt,

    It tells a story.

    Our story.


    May it stand the test of time

    And the rigors of daily use.

    May its warmth ever enfold, cover us.

    So that whether we wrestle or revel

    In the blurring and the blending,

    We never find where one ends and the other begins.


    Kerry Peterson,  January 2013          





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