Trouble comes to us all.

You can try to

Get around,


Or even under the hardship

That falls heavy and hot on your path.


You can attempt to wait it out,

Or pretend it isn’t there.

But it is, and it isn’t going anywhere.


There’s only one way to the other side,

And that is right through the blistering heart of the thing.

Oh yes, it will scorch and scald.

You may cry tears of anger.

Sometimes, they will spill out and burn bitter.


But a fiery test will refine and strengthen,

If you let it.

Mercies you could not predict nor produce,

Will temper the heat,

Illuminate a kaleidoscope of blessings:

Supernatural serendipities that both soften and steel.

Seeds long slumbering,  wakened only by fiery flames,

Will spring up from regenerated heart-soil,

Ashen though it may be,

Adorning  the landscape with new life and health

On the other side of a painful trial.


This is no easy thing.  We wrestle with the fact that God allows Job-like trials in the lives of some.   But, James  is pretty clear on the issue of troubles.  Praise God for the possibilities He offers, particularly to the weary and the weak.  Asking Him to encourage ( as in make courageous) those who are suffering particularly difficult days.

kpeterson    march 2013

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4 Responses to Trouble

  1. Mandy says:

    So good and so true!

  2. Annette says:

    This is beautiful. The mercies I have found, the compassion I have come to know….that is bestowed upon me and that I can give to others, all comes from traveling through trouble. Troubles can change our lives if we can be open. If we can set our fears aside. Im going to print this. lol I need to keep it.

  3. Teresa says:

    so, so good…I’m glad the picture at the top (when it arrived by email)is a poppy. It reminds me of what I read: When the railroad was cut through the Midwest, fields of poppies sprung up in its path. The seeds had been dormant forever, and the deep cut of the railroad set them free. I love this poem!

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