You Little Pansy

If I understand it right, “You’re a pansy” is a real gem of a put-down from the Sissy/Weakling Category.  (Note to you gardeners reading this, if this flower is a violet, you’ll have to switch to “Shrinking Violet” imagery.  The rest of us are going with pansy.)

Check out this little guy carefully!

Plucky Pansy

Plucky Pansy

Apparently no one told him pansies aren’t supposed to do difficult things, like flourish in a  concrete crack.  He is clearly smiling, even though we’ve still got a month of winter left. Brilliant, complementary colors flame from his core, which has been stamped, as if in approval, by the sun.  A mini-sunrise for all the itty-bitty garden creatures to enjoy.

But look closely at what this masterpiece had to work with:  a little dried up soil found in a quarter-inch break in the pavement.  He found a way to thrive in a less than hospitable corner of the world.

This spunky little pansy speaks to me of determined courage.  You just can’t have too much courage in this life.  Often, courage is associated with accomplishing and greatness.  Sure, there is that type. But I’m beginning to see that surrendering and embracing a simpler way of life, with a grateful, hopeful heart, really requires more guts than acquiring and conquering do.

Naturally, I prefer a “flowery bed of ease”* to a cramped crack in the concrete.  However, I am hearing the message from noble souls who, like Jesus say,

“A crack in the concrete will do.  I will accept what I have received graciously, and share the abundance with others, that they may live.”

Thank you,  little purple pansy for reminding me that flourishing with less is absolutely  possible and definitely purposeful.  Your willingness to make do with a little, brought a reflection of the sun to your little corner of the yard. 

*Isaac Watts,  “Am I A Soldier of the Cross”

kpeterson              march 2013

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2 Responses to You Little Pansy

  1. Teresa says:

    I love this! Just as an fyi…our little dog, who has a fresh sparkling bowl of water indoors, always chooses the crack in the concrete to lap her water from! Must be full of unknown delicious stuff! Help my soul to know that, Lord!

  2. Tink says:

    Yep…these little pansies poke through the frozen ground, then up through the layer of snow & ice, just to get a glimpse at the world!!! (and sometimes I want to do just the opposite) They are hardy little buggers! I agree Kerry that courage isn’t necessarily the ‘grand’, sometimes it’s all you can do to just poke your head up.
    And I pray that our reflection, like the pansy’s, brings a little sun into the corner of our little yards. Love you. 🙂

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