March Sunshine


First of all, thank you for reading my blog. 

I would like to ask a second favor. I would really like your photos to post with this poem.  I began writing it several years ago while looking out our home’s window that opened onto a fertile forest view.  This spring we are learning to embrace a different kind of season change on the valley floor:  blossoms and bees begin to toil earlier here and there is a beauty to behold.  But I do miss the gentle radiance of sunshine on a spring day in El Dorado County.  The magical nature of the sun invading a  forest after a spring rain speaks deeply to me of creation and the Holy Hands that shaped it. 

Will any of you who live in the mountains email me a picture of a “March Sunshine” scene? Some of you read the blog from Europe- we’d love a picture of spring in your corner of the world.  If you would email it to me at, I would love to download and post it with the poem, including your name and general  location if you give me permission to.    You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do this (clearly I am not), so please don’t hesitate.  From Idaho to Washington, to  the East Coast and overseas, we would love to enjoy the beauty in your corner of the world.

March Sunshine

Reticent ray

Dappling forest floor.

Like a long-lost friend

Returning warily, without warning.

It settles on the clotted soil,

Surprising earth and creature alike.


The demure caller is not answered in kind.

Towering trees bully their way into the shaft of sparkling sun,

Cutting swaths of shade, denying warmth to others.


Perhaps they’ve earned the right to lead the parade

From darkness to light,

Weathering untold seasons’ bite and blast.


Sprightly squirrel and brash blue jay,

Scramble, Soar,

Clamor to be noticed;

Boldly demand the proffered gift.


Plants arch their backs, stretch, and yawn;

Crowd upward, seeking a draught of the milky warmth.

Not content to go without.

Soft-green infant cedars

Sway in the benign breeze,

Usher in the honored guest with jubilant dance.


Do those who dwell below

Hear the primal prompting:

“Wake, ready yourself!”

Before they crawl to the surface

To bask in the message of hope warmth brings,

And join the impending, riotous celebration?


Sunshine in March,

Fragile promise,

Beacon of spring.

kpeterson     march 2013


2013-03-09 16.46.05

Kingsburg, California
Fruit trees in bloom two minutes from our home.

Maastricht, Netherlands. No sunshine breaking through juts yet.  Steve Kramer

Maastricht, Netherlands. No sunshine breaking through just yet. Beautiful though.
Thank you Steve Kramer and family.

Seattle, Washington.  Dorm room with a view.Thank you Sarah Peterson!

Seattle  Washington. Seattle Pacific U. dorm room with a March Rainbow view!
Thank you Sarah Peterson.

March morning from Yale University, New Haven ConnecticutThank you Trevor Peterson

March morning from Yale University, New Haven Connecticut
Thank you Trevor Peterson

El Dorado County hilltop moonset/sunrise in MarchThank you Jacinda Layman.

El Dorado County, CA  hilltop moonset/sunrise in March
Thank you Jacinda Layman.

 Spectacular View in from Shyira Diocese window -Musanze (AKA Ruhengeri) RwandaThank you Trent Fuenmayor.

Spectacular View from Shyira Diocese window.  Musanze (AKA Ruhengeri) Rwanda
Thank you Trent Fuenmayor.


Daffodil Sunshine Downey, California
Thank you Paige Fuenmayor.

Winter still rules Marchin Camino, California. Beautiful.Thank you Lori Lozano.

Winter still rules March in Camino, California. Beautiful.
Thank you Lori Lozano.


Coast-kissed sunshine in Cambria, CAThank you Thelma Peterson

Coast-kissed sunshine in Cambria, CA
Thank you Thelma Peterson


What a view.  Camino, CA Our old "stomping grounds". Thank you Diane Kratzer!

What a view. Camino, CA Our old “stomping grounds”. Thank you Diane Kratzer!

Crystal Range, Sierra Nevada Mtns,  Pollock Pines, CA  Thanks Diane!

Crystal Range, Sierra Nevada Mtns, Pollock Pines, CA
Thanks Diane.


Oak trees bathed in sunlight. Pleasant Valley, Northern California

Geese in Flight,  Idaho, Thank you Adam Brubaker.

Geese in Flight, Idaho,
Thank you Adam Brubaker.

Morro Rock, Shrounded in Fog,  CaliforniaThank you Summer Wathen

Morro Rock, Shrounded in Fog.  Morro Bay, California
Thank you Summer Wathen


boise shelbi


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One Response to March Sunshine

  1. beverlydyer says:

    What a great idea! So fun to see March from different places and angles.

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