Reconciling Resurrection

The Practice of Resurrection – I need not resign reason.


Reason stumbles,

Credulity stretches thin and snaps.

A God who dies?

A divine death and triumphant resurrection?

This is the stuff of fairy tales

And history’s legends gone wild.


A creative, but desperate attempt

To grasp enough hope

To muddle through,

To justify,

To dream.


Myths abound and echo from one people to the next,

Everlasting attempts to assign significance

To the undeniable horrors and futilities of existence.


I hear this.

I wrestle.



Louder than the din of fair and candid doubt,

I hear the crashing waves

Of a thousand miraculous moments.

An ocean of unbelievable and inexplicable,

A tide that surges each and every sunrise.


What do I do with the miracle of life?

An infant’s intricate design, delivery,

And precious first breath,

A heart that beats

Without command,

A body that can tear

But heal from the inside out.

Complex systems

Balance and sustain,

Within each and every one.


Human brilliance

That collectively examines, identifies,

Organizes, and celebrates

All the living it beholds:

Rain clouds,

Mountain peaks,

Flowering fruit,

Precious metals,

Sun and light,

Moon and night,

Diverse and delicate creatures

In every nook and cranny of this sphere,

The depths of the sea

And the heights of the heavens,

All around,

More colors than my eye can see.


If these are not enough to confound,

What of the thrill of love’s first kiss,

Or faithfulness that sees a lifetime through?

What of  humility and sacrifice,

Joy and laughter,

Knowledge, justice,

And a conscience?


In light of all of this,

And the pages we could fill

For a hundred years and more,

Is it really such a leap

To accept the idea of a Redeemer

Who intercedes and reconciles

By death and resurrection?


Must I resign and renounce reason

To walk this path of faith?

Reason and faith

Need not compete.

Two sides of one and the same coin:

A perfect paradox.


Where reason buckles,

Faith holds.

And when faith grows faint,

Reason revives.


And there, where the two meet,

We find joy.

We find peace.

We find this Redeeming Resurrection



kpeterson   March 30, 2013

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3 Responses to Reconciling Resurrection

  1. Thelma Peterson says:

    Wonderful! I love this. Faith and Reason, hand in hand.

  2. Lovely! Yes, “A perfect paradox”.

    Easter blessings ~ Wendy

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