Delivering Surrender

Before today’s poem, a quick word about April, which turns out to be National Poetry Writers Month.  WHO KNEW?

The challenge to writers is to write a poem a day for the entire month of April.  I am going to give it a go, which means one post a day for the next 28 days.  We shall see.  I don’t want to post “just to post”; I don’t want to wear out any welcome I’ve been generously given.

Yesterday’s poem, The Old Barn, was inspired by a beautiful photograph.  Today’s poem, Delivering Surrender, is inspired by and dedicated to my little niece who celebrates her birthday this day.  She and her brother are long-awaited, serendipitous miracles.  They are Ebenezers to God’s faithfulness, and the necessity of waiting for His will,  in our family’s history.  Their little faces remind us to hope.

This poem is accompanied by sincere prayers for all those couples who wait for a child of their own- their hearts’ deep desire.  Waiting is so very, very hard, and sometimes hoping hurts.


Delivering Surrender                         April 2, 2013


Surrendered dreams of you.

Arms crossed, hearts low,

Submission, the only delivery.


Years rolled by, month by month,

Plans were made and life lived,

Hopes resigned and rebuilt,

But always a flicker flamed for you.


A decade is a long time to wait,

And yet you were worth every day.

You burst on the scene in miracle-form,

Glowing  golden sun and ocean blue.


Your precious face is a promise-true:

We do not always wait in vain.

Surely, our Father-God shares the agony

Of surrender and submission,


But oh, how well he also knows

The joy of dreams long held,

Come to fruition, fulfilled, and overflowing

In the life of a beloved child.


kpeterson    April  2012

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8 Responses to Delivering Surrender

  1. Diane says:

    Their faithfulness druing ‘the wait’ was inspirational. They epitomized grace, patience, and peace that was clearly from the Lord. And isn’t it funny from her mouth came the words, “Wait for it, wait for it…” When I think of her saying that, it always makes me smile. 🙂 Beautiful poem Kerry. (And I know you’ll do great in the ‘challenge’. 🙂 And please tell her happy birthday from Diane) ❤

  2. Bill and Pat Kramer says:

    This one brought me to tears, Kerry.


  3. Touching poem, Kerry! Infertility was a painful journey that God used to draw me closer to Himself. My husband and I waited twelve,often, lonely years for the sound of a newborn cry in our home. The nurses commented about how happy I was… no wonder!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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