Little Tree

For the Little Readers of the world, my nephews Tomas and Samuel in particular, who love all things silly and hearing a story from Pop.  I hope this accomplishes both.


Little Tree

Little tree, little tree,

What, oh what, will you be?


Will you be a big red barn

On Old MacDonald’s stinky farm?


Will you be a tiny box

To hold all of my favorite rocks?


Will you be a treehouse

A tiny You and Me house?


Will you be a Christmas tree

To celebrate Nativity?


Might you be a fishing boat

So we can catch some while we float?


Will you be an ember

That warms us in December?


Will you become a violin

And sing beneath my chinny-chin?


Will you be a gym floor

Where I can dribble, shoot and score?


Will you be a great big chair

For Papa’s tired derrière?


Will you be a bedtime book

For reading in a cozy nook?


Or will you maybe just plain stay

And shade us on a sunny day?


Little tree, little tree

So many things that you may be.


kpeterson  April  2013


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4 Responses to Little Tree

  1. Teresa says:


  2. Dad says:

    Or maybe even inspire a rhyme
    To give her nephews a good time!

  3. Tink says:

    This is from Paul….”Dr. Seuss has nothing on her. She needs to find an illustrator and have this published as a children’s book. It’s UNBELIEVABLE!” 🙂

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