Little Tree

For the Little Readers of the world, my nephews Tomas and Samuel in particular, who love all things silly and hearing a story from Pop.  I hope this accomplishes both.

Find a little one to read to today, and wonder with them, “What oh what will you be?”  


Little Tree

Little tree, little tree,

What, oh what, will you be?


Will you be a big red barn

On Old MacDonald’s stinky farm?


Will you be a tiny box

To hold all of my favorite rocks?


Will you be a treehouse

A tiny You and Me house?


Will you be a Christmas tree

To celebrate Nativity?


Might you be a fishing boat

So we can catch some while we float?


Will you be an ember

That warms us in December?


Will you become a violin

And sing beneath my chinny-chin?


Will you be a gym floor

Where I can dribble, shoot and score?


Will you be a great big chair

For Papa’s tired derrière?


Will you be a bedtime book

For reading in a cozy nook?


Or will you maybe just plain stay

And shade us on a sunny day?


Little tree, little tree

So many things that you may be.

kpeterson  April  2013

Any illustrators out there that could help me with this poem?  Oh, how I wish I could paint/draw/sketch/color.  Just kidding, I can color.  But that’s it.

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4 Responses to Little Tree

  1. Teresa says:


  2. Dad says:

    Or maybe even inspire a rhyme
    To give her nephews a good time!

  3. Tink says:

    This is from Paul….”Dr. Seuss has nothing on her. She needs to find an illustrator and have this published as a children’s book. It’s UNBELIEVABLE!” 🙂

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