Strung up by their heels,

The little crowd of flowers

Chatter happily about their new perspective.


These little chamomile chums, waving at me from the backyard,  brought a chuckle and a welcome reminder about  attitude earlier this week.   Uprooted, packed in a box, and finally strung upside down in the sun,  these guys  appear truly undaunted.   In fact, despite the trauma,  they seem to be enjoying their new perspective.

When we wake up on any given morning,  we never know how our perspectives will be changed, challenged or turned entirely upside down before the sun sets.  The occasional day will bring great sadness or great joy, but most are full of small and medium-sized trials that may make us uncomfortable, but hold plenty of room  to choose our attitude.  

The longer I live, the more I understand  that we can indeed accept the changes and curve balls that whiz towards us,  as we embrace them for what they really are: moments God has allowed in our lives.  And he says his plans are good.  He doesn’t say easy, he says good.   I don’t know about you, but for me, believing and habitually responding to this truth are two of the greatest challenges life consistently throws down.  

Lord, increase my willingness to be resilient, and help me choose the cheerful road.   I am grateful for the reminder that maintaining a sense of humor and enjoying the company of others who tackle life with a sense of adventure, go a long way in winning the duel with perspective.

kpeterson   April 8, 2013


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