On Your Back Tire

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Springtime rides are simply the best.

On Your Back Tire

Here on your back tire,

Is the place for me.

Your presence shelters.

Your strength and stamina

Shield me from so much uncertainty,

And shear off much of the buffeting wind.

You grind away, mile after mile,

Never appearing to tire.

My husband,

My rock,

Thank you for your labor of love,

Thank you for leading the way.


kpeterson  April 10, 2013


This is my husband Brian.  Isn’t he handsome?

Brian and I have pedaled quite a few miles together; both literally, on a bike, and figuratively, in nearly 26 years of marriage.  When I’m riding behind him, I spend a lot of time contemplating how much I appreciate being able to draft*  in both situations.  He will let me lead anytime I want, but he’s also content to pull more than his weight.  I am all for women’s rights and equality, and my life is blessed by those realities on a daily basis,  but I also think I get the better end of the deal in life with a good man to draft.  Here’s to the good men in this world.  Feel free to list your man’s name and what you appreciate about him in the comment section  if you want to give yours a shout out.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who would enjoy reading your tributes.

“Husbands, go all out in your love for your wives, exactly as Christ did for the church- a love marked by giving, not getting.  Christ’s love makes the church whole.  His words evoke her beauty.  Everything he does and says is designed to bring the best out of her…”                  Excerpt from The Message version of Ephesians 25-27

*Yes, that’s the cyclist term for sitting right off the back tire of the rider in front.   The rider in front takes the brunt of the wind, letting it sail over and around the rider in back.  You probably know this or figured it out, thank you for indulging my desire to show off that I know a cycling term. 

Dedicated to our dear drafting buddies, Paul and Diane.

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8 Responses to On Your Back Tire

  1. LaShawn says:

    I don’t think I can be nearly as poetic as you, Kerry…:)…but my husband Dave is the most wise person I know. It’s alternatingly frustrating and assuring to know he is (most) always right. I trust him implicitly and rely on his wisdom for all of my decisions- he knows me the best but also is not afraid to tell me the truth even when it hurts…in love. He is gentle and kind and a ROCKSTAR.

  2. Kerry, what a wonderful way to show respect to your good man!

    I appreciate and admire my husband’s (Ian) desire and efforts to be the godly and committed husband and father that he is. He often goes the extra mile for us even when he is tired, because he wants to do the right thing – He says, “I love you!” with deeds.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. There are good men out there and I married the best of them:) Lonnie loves God and it shows in the way he loves me and our boys. Next month will be 28 years with one who lays down his life daily…as Christ did for the church. I am blessed, indeed. Appreciate your blog! Patty

  4. Kathy says:

    I like this post Kerry dear.
    My husband Jeffrey, is one of a kind. A big burly man that rides a Harley. (And yes, I have put a lot of miles on the back with him)
    You might be intimidated by him but he has the most tender heart of any man I know. This past week we were blessed to welcome a new grandbaby into the family. And he just held him and wept and thanked God for this little man. Jeff has a heart for sharing the gospel of Christ, to give hope to others.
    He is so kind, faithful and loving to me. He has dedicated his life to our family. I appreciate the opportunity to sing his praise!!

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