Long Live Decahedrons!

This is not my usual sort of post, but it’s STAR testing time here in the great state of California.  The highlight of every school year…

Not so much.

Accountability is good, and assessments are a necessary part of education, no doubt about it.   But, my oh my, how we overdo it and overlook giftedness in pursuit of standards.

Our children are gifted uniquely and individually, but currently we require one and all  to fit into the  proverbial round hole, even if it requires folding up and clipping their multiple dimensions that should be the source of much delight and productivity throughout their childhood and perhaps even more importantly, their future. How much creativity, that we are in desperate need of in this world, have we stifled in our well-intended efforts to have them progress in reading, writing, and math at a predetermined, universal pace?    I shudder to think how many of our children’s God-given “natural resources” we will have to do without because they were neither nurtured nor valued nearly enough.

A smooth segue would be nice, but I haven’t got one.   In honor of our country’s kids who are gifted in truly brilliant ways, but don’t get a chance to show us, I offer this lighthearted ditty in all seriousness today.  Notice and celebrate any “out of the box” intelligence you see in the little ones you are fortunate to know.


Long Live the Decahedrons

Circles are nice, and so are squares.

Simple and straightforward,

Not much ‘bout these scares.

It’s yes, or it’s no,

It’s A B C or D,

So perfectly standard, can’t you just see?


“What of hexa and octagons?”

Well, now you’re making me sweat.

Challenge ALL of our polygons?

Our system’s in debt!

There’s no dough for that dare,

So we’ve quite quelled that threat.


“And what of Nona and Decahedrons?”

Holy smokes, now you quiet down.

That’s way too many faces

For our clearly marked bounds.

Just fill out your Scantron, get back on task,

I do not care for the questions you ask.



Yes, yes, I know it didn’t follow a strict rhyming pattern.  I was just tapping into my heptagon self.  Let me be.  And for the record, all children are decahedrons.  They just need a chance to show it!

kpeterson    April 18, 2013

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3 Responses to Long Live Decahedrons!

  1. Love it! Always hated those standardize tests for the kids.

  2. You’ve reminded me of one of the reasons why our family has chosen to homeschool – for now. I want to encourage our kids to think outside of the box and be who they were meant to be.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. Connie Cochran says:

    With the transition to the Common Core, thematic instruction and critical thinking will be making a comeback. Here’s hoping…

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