Psalm 19:14

“May the words of my mouth

And the meditations of my heart

Be pleasing to you,

O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.”          


Yes, oh yes Lord,

How I long to please you!

But, may these thoughts,

And may these words

Not die on my lips, Savior-King.


You’ve revealed your heart,

You ask for something more.

By your Spirit’s gracious power,

May these meditations

Minister your mercy

To a broken, hurting world,

With every part of me.


With sturdy feet that will carry me to and from

Your well of exceedingly Good News.


With willing hands

To serve Your living water to any and all who thirst.


With a strong stomach for the world’s pain

We wait for you to heal.


With clear eyes to see the lonely souls

Amidst the jostling throng.


With a joyful countenance

Made lively with Your hope-filled love.


You declare yourself a solid rock

In a world that shakes incessantly.

You take on the role of our Redeemer

In a world that disdains sacrifice

And devalues the worth, the weight

Of an individual’s life.


I cling to you

And revel in your redemption!

Empower me with your compassion.

Propel me where you will.

Own my thoughts,

My words,

My hands,

My feet,

My all.



kpeterson   2013












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2 Responses to Meditations

  1. Judy Thoreson says:

    Kerry, this is my favorite. I have printed it out and read it every day.

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