Going without because there is no choice,

Wrestling to hold vast riches loosely,

Or somewhere in the middle:

Stretching the ends to make them meet,

We all struggle to embrace the truth

That gratefulness is not a response to plenty,

But an openness to richness

Anywhere it lights,

Anywhere it lands

In this ephemeral existence:

This daily grind.


Recognizing gifts

That required the very Creator’s

Breathing into being,

That are not bought with

Riches from this realm.


No, gratitude is a sacrifice of praise

Available to any and all.

And if we take these gifts

That constitute our life, our breath,

Our future and our hope,

Will we not follow The Giver?

Our Master introduced a consequential economy,

Staggering in its alien ways

And upside-down tenets of fortune:


“Humble men are fortunate

For the Kingdom of Heaven is given to them.

The Humble, the mourning, the meek, the lowly,

Those whose appetite for justice and goodness,

Cannot be quenched,

Those who are kind and merciful,

The Pure, those who pursue peace,

And the persecuted, who suffer for their unflinching faith in Him,

For the Kingdom of God is theirs.” *


We who call Him ours

Are called to invest each and every day

In a Kingdom whose principles often defy

Our rational, self-bent ways.

I chafe at this,

I want both:

Riches in both kingdoms.

Forgive me Father,

You are supreme,

You know best.


Convince and convict me to the core,

Show me how to invest my resources,

For left to my own devices,

I’ll choose the wrong economy.


kpeterson    May 2, 2013

* I took a little poetic liberty with one phrase in Matthew 5:3-10, but I didn’t change the substance or the meaning.

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One Response to Economies

  1. Patty Green says:

    Thanks, Kerry for reminding me of real value. I needed to hear this today!

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