Words 2

I’m not the world’s best secret keeper.  Not a big shock if you’re a regular at Fish and A Biscuit where, as my friend says, I “bare my soul”. Ah well, for some reason I’m confident that everyone wrestles with the same things I do, so I feel like I’m talking to kindred spirits.

So, please note that I made it to Saturday to tell you that Wednesday was a very exciting day for me because  I had a poem accepted for publication by an online literature review!

You can read it at the Puffin Review website:                                       http://www.puffinreview.com/content/ . My poem entitled Sea Stones is one of twelve featured pieces of literature in Issue 4.  Thank you Puffin Review.

And thank you to those of you who find your way to Fish and a Biscuit and keep coming back. I am so very grateful you give my words a place to land.  I am greatly encouraged in my own journey when you comment some truth from your life, or let me know a piece resonated with you.  I am strengthened to know that while our courses may differ, our journeys are similar.



Words fly off

The handle,

The cuff,

The lips.

Sometimes they careen away

In anger,

In doubt,

In fear.

But other times they take to the air

In  joy,

In trust,

In courage,

With a song,

A whisper,

A shout.


Yes indeed,

Words fly,

But may we always remember,

Words land

On ears,

On hearts,

On minds.


Lord God, grant that the words we utter

Soothe, not sting,

Build up, not beat down,

Set free, not endanger,

Fill,  not deplete,

And accomplish something good today.



kpeterson   May 4, 2013

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One Response to Words 2

  1. tjpete2013 says:

    Love this. Great reminder to think before we speak.

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