Glory in the Grind

Daily life.

Sometimes, the grit

Of tangibility

Soils and scratches the eyes,

Determining the way I see this world.


Other times,

Daily life delivers

The warming fire

Of  intangibility,

Sustaining the soul and renewing the mind,

Altering my aspirations yet again.



In whom there is no duel of duplicity,

Whose ways are not our own,

And whose understanding outstrips

Our finest minds and biggest dreams,

Thank you that while you often seem silent,

We do hear the siren song

Of eternity

Amid the circadian and commonplace,

The heartless and the heartbreak,

The momentous and miraculous.


Thank you for your promises,

Your call to trust as only children can.

We sense the authority of your claim

That you will put things right.

That you will extend our existence

Into an eternity

Without the damaged nature of this life.


Increase our trust, we pray.

Let our vulnerability be the place we find you,

May we see Your glory in the everyday.


kpeterson    May 2, 2013

Just read a brief but meaningful blog post on a site for families of children with disabilities that ties in so well with this poem.  Here’s the link if you have time:

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