Sweet, Indeed

I want to install that song on a little chip and have it implanted in my brain.  I know, that’s why we have a memory, but I want the band’s lively consecration-prayer bouncing off the walls of my mind as I tackle the day, tackle life.   Jason Ladvik’s folksy version of the 130 year old melody  delivers some powerful theology.  Written by Louisa M.R. Stead, this song lays down a freedom challenge with disarming simplicity.

Will I trust?

Repeatedly, we run into this question.  Will I trust?

It reminds me of a gem of wisdom from Frances Ridley Havergal that spent the summer and fall on our kitchen window – until it nearly disintegrated from its splash-zone soakings:


“All the peace, happiness, and power of the Christian life hangs on one thing:  That one thing is taking God at His Word, believing He really means exactly what He says.”


Amen, Frances.  Let me think on that.

Will I trust “He means exactly what He says”?  I have indeed tasted the sweetness of  trust, so why do I hesitate to come to Him?  Oh, may I not come reluctantly, not after all I’ve seen and heard.

Lord God,

Both cynic and child reside in me.   May the place where my understanding falters be the very place I choose to trust you, for this is what it means to trust.  May my weakness be your proving ground.  Thank you that your grace is sufficient in all things, even this.

May the heart wrenching needs of those who suffer in this world be swallowed up in your deep sea of provision that spans eternity.  There are so many who know want.  May grace upon grace run to rescue them.  Bless those through whom your caring comes, give me courage to be one of them.



Dedicated to Irene Gleeson, a tenacious truster whose passion for Christ and passion for the children of Uganda is one of the most inspiring legacies of faith I have ever seen.  Blessings on her and her loved ones that number in the thousands.  To read more about her and the incredible ministry she began, go to http://igfusa.org/

For more on Louisa M.R. Stead’s life story, go to                                          http://www.hopechestlegacy.com/index.php?page=tis-so-sweet-to-trust-in-jesus


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One Response to Sweet, Indeed

  1. Patty Green says:

    Kerry, todays post hit me right where I am. With a brother dying, have I done enough to prepare him. Did he believe me? I have to put my trust in Him.

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