Saturated, Scoured, But Safe

In need of resuscitation,

I bring my indifferent heart to you.

Saturated with self,

Vanity has blocked arteries of acceptance

And drained chambers of gratitude.

Forgiveness is sorely needed here.


How is it that the God you reveal yourself to be:

Omnipotent, omniscient, and altogether independent,

With so much to lose,

Eased your grip on power, provision, and prestige,

And leapt from the safe bridge of eternity

To rescue mankind from hostile waters

Where we had no business swimming in the first place?


Your tenderhearted courage astounds.

Your selfless sense of urgency confounds.

Your passionate patience surrounds.

Anything we know of love

We learn from you,

As you swim us to safety

In this perilous river of existence.


Wake my heart to care, Savior God.

May your compassion break up the decay

That eats away at the conduits of grace

My life is designed to house.


May I meet the needs of others

And the demands of this day

With the generosity and unbridled joy

Of a liberated survivor

Who knows firsthand

The river’s scouring power

And the Savior’s safe embrace.



Niagara River. Click on photo to link to information.

kpeterson May 21, 2013

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