Is a wobbly business.

Any gymnast can tell you that.

Teetering offset by tottering,

A sway and a stagger,

There is  tension within symmetry.


Equilibrium is not the absence of motion,

But a delicate dance

That recognizes and responds to

The ever changing melody of life.



kpeterson  May 23, 2013

We all wobble.  That’s just a fact.  And yet, some of us set ridiculously high expectations of ourselves.   We think we should be able to get things right, all the time, and anything less is failure.

But life is a matter of living and learning, is it not?  It takes both grace and guts to live a balanced life, because much of balance is a matter of incorporating wisdom as we acquire it.  Responding to the changing needs of those around us, reacting to truth as we discover it- this is good!   Balance- the act of  fine-tuning (or sometimes completely overhauling) areas of our life that need change requires a good measure of courage and humility.  It may look and feel a bit wobbly, but it’s a healthy thing.


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