Fears and the Faithful One

Be gone, fears.

You may not hide

His hand of mercy

Or block the path to peace




Are done.


Isn’t here.

I will not make you

Master of this moment.


Whether I must

Scramble over scary, new heights,

Dive into darkened depths,

Or sit still and wait awhile

When I’d really rather run,

I will not be held captive today

Because The Faithful One will find me.


He will not,

He cannot

Let me be.

kpeterson   July 1, 2013

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3 Responses to Fears and the Faithful One

  1. Patty Green says:

    Good to repeat every morning!

  2. Dee Ingersoll says:

    Fear sometimes seems to take over……but ……I love the last line,” He will not, He cannot,let me be.” Praise God. This morning has been a morning of fear…the past, the future. I am so blessed to have read this and been reminded of God’s truth. Thank you so much Kerry!

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