Swimming Lessons


Swimming Lessons

We’d  grown accustomed

To knowing our feet could touch.

The feel of smooth cement

Secured our confidence

In what we knew

And where we were.


But, it seems our Instructor

Only uses the shallow end

On occasion, anymore.

Not content with stalled progress

Or our insistence

On practicing

Strokes we can do in our sleep,

He insists we paddle

Out to deeper water.


He pulls us

Out past the place

We can count on the concrete,

Beyond reach of the beckoning edge,


Sometimes, we’d prefer to just sit it out

And watch, thanks just the same.


But, Our Teacher does not budge on this:

To be swimmers, we must swim.

If we cling to the security

Of the side

Or stand all day in the shallow end,

We will never know the wonder

Of the miraculous

Swim to the far side

With Him.


And so,

He whispers to us,

“Take a deep breath,

And then another,

Kick into this challenge,

Cup grace with each stroke,

Pull it near,

Reach for more,

Know I am near.

The deep end does not

Hold the terror for me

That it does for you.


Come to me,



kpeterson    july 16, 2013

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3 Responses to Swimming Lessons

  1. Oh I LOVE this Kerri! So so so perfectly expresses where I feel I am at spiritually right now. THANK you, dear friend and dear sister!:) Love you

  2. Oops I know your name is spelled with a ‘y’ , not an ‘i’…have 2 other Kerri’s at our church hence the habit of using “i”:~:)lol

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