Caregiving crowds every corner of your calendar,

Priorities jostle for first position.

Time, an inflexible referee.


Commitments layer one on top another:

Medications to manage,

Bills to pay,

Errands to run,

Meals to cook,

Calls to make,

Doctors to track down,

Decisions to be made,

And all the while,

You grieve.

You wrestle with guilt.

You get up

And do it all again.


Love, in its purest form,

Is not a glamorous thing.

Love pays the bills,

Love runs errands,

Love cooks meals,

Love makes calls,

Love tracks down doctors,

Love makes hard decisions,

Love grieves,

Love releases you from guilt,

Love gets up

And does it all again.


Lord God, bless those who care for others,

Who accompany a loved one

Down the last, hard miles of their journey,

Across the finish line.


May they grieve without guilt.

May their minds rest.

May grace descend on them,

And may their memories encompass

The blessing they have been

To those they love.


Not least of all,

To You.




kpeterson    august 4, 2013

I love and respect all the dear caregivers I’ve been blessed to observe in action- mile after hard mile.  You cared long, you cared hard, you cared well.    Thank you for showing me what love and dedication looks like.  You know who you are.  Oh, how I love and appreciate you.

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4 Responses to Caregivers

  1. stacy says:

    Caregiver equals Jesus!!!! May we all reflect this love to others!!!

  2. What a precious reminder, Kerry. Amongst all of the caring and giving, it’s helpful to remember that caregiving is a high calling, with strength coming from our Father alone.

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