Morning Gifts

The launch,

From smooth realms of sleepiness

To full on  up and at ‘em,

Can be a bumpy ride.


Yesterday’s concerns

And the things that I got wrong

Wait for me today as well.


They can simply have a seat

While I revel in my Father’s

Morning’s gifts.


God be praised for

Indigo blueberries

Nestled in my pancake.

Plump little beads,

Tastebuds’ delight,

Bursting to rid the world of free radicals.


Glory Hallelujah

For water  streaming from the skies,

Filtering up through rocky ground,

Following a maze of pipes,

Spilling from the faucet

Over coffee beans

And into my cup.


A thousand thanks for

Legs to take me on a walk,

For feet to feel the ground,

The play of sun and shade

Over blades of greenest grass,

For clarity that comes while the calories burn,

And friends to go the distance with.


Thanks be to God

For words of saving grace

That fuel the mind and restore the soul:

“Have the mind of Christ.”


“You are loved with an everlasting love.”

Words that quench a hungry thirst

For truth in this false world.


Give me understanding:

Morning’s not the only miracle.

This day’s shot through with gifts,

Holes spilling in light and laughter,

Joy and comfort,

Peace in sorrow,

The sweet to balance bitter.


As I round the corner

Into the labyrinth of today’s challenges,

My God, I will raise my hands in

Consuming praise,

For all the potential of this day,

For endless second chances,

For grace to get us through.

But most of all, the very gift of You.




Jeremiah 31:3, 1 Corinthians 2:16

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4 Responses to Morning Gifts

  1. Jodi Bauer says:

    Two lines that really caught me…”For clarity that comes while the calories burn, And friends to go the distance with.” Two important things in my morning are my run and praying for friends and family. Super thankful for friends, near and far.

  2. barbara field says:

    Delightful….Thank you for putting your ponderings into beatiful words….it definitey helps the concerns to take a back seat.

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