Red rocking chair

Lazing on the screened-in porch,

Beckons me with outstretched arms

And lazy tilt,

To stop fighting with this

Muggy-hot dog day

That leaves me panting and perturbed,

And just set it all down awhile.


Red rocker waits,

Wills me to recline,

To decline

The bustling demands

Of a yellow, oven-hot August day

And just be,

Just rest,

Let it lull some quiet

Into my soul.



kpeterson   Sept. 5, 2013

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3 Responses to Red

  1. Willis Green says:

    Thanks, Kerry. Where is that red rocking chair? I’m sure it is waiting for me. Love it!!!

  2. Osheta Moore says:

    This is a beautiful poem. I love the imaginary and while I’m so glad we’ve entered into fall, this post made me miss summer. But, I caught a bit of a lesson in this post. When life is pressing in all hot and muggy like a “yellow, oven-hot August day” to stop fighting, quiet my heart, and let some rest enter my soul. I’ll remember this FMF post. Thanks for sharing.

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