rocking chair


Red rocking chair

Lazing on the screened-in porch,

Beckons me with outstretched arms

And lazy tilt,

To stop fighting with this

Muggy-hot dog day

That leaves me panting and perturbed,

And just set it all down awhile.


Red rocker waits,

Wills me to recline,

To decline

The bustling demands

Of a yellow, oven-hot August day

And just be,

Just rest,

Let it lull some quiet

Into my soul.



kpeterson   Sept. 5, 2013

Thank you “Out on the Porch” 2013 Calendar for your Sept. picture.

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3 Responses to Red

  1. Willis Green says:

    Thanks, Kerry. Where is that red rocking chair? I’m sure it is waiting for me. Love it!!!

  2. Osheta Moore says:

    This is a beautiful poem. I love the imaginary and while I’m so glad we’ve entered into fall, this post made me miss summer. But, I caught a bit of a lesson in this post. When life is pressing in all hot and muggy like a “yellow, oven-hot August day” to stop fighting, quiet my heart, and let some rest enter my soul. I’ll remember this FMF post. Thanks for sharing.

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