School Shoes

school shoes


Shiny shoes

Skip off to catch the bus,

Ready to roll

To school

Monday morning.


Scuffed shoes

Shuffle their way home,

Ready to collapse

On the couch

Friday afternoon.


kpeterson   August 2013


Yes?  Didn’t you feel that way as a kid?  The first day of school’s excitement could hardly be contained!

But by Friday, nay Wednesday for some,  everyone is drooping a bit as the demands of the routine become a little less glorious and a lot more realistic.  It’s a big week- for kids and teachers alike.

Wishing all you students, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, secretaries, librarians, cafeteria staff, janitorial and maintenance staff, instructional aides, and “yard duties” (worst title ever invented-  God bless you out there on the playground) a restful two days off.

And, can we renew our commitment to infusing  each and every school day with some joy, some laughter, and some affirmation of those around us?  These don’t get in the way of learning; they make room for  learning.

It’s good for us all to remember:  joy’s still available… even when our shoes sport some scuffs.

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6 Responses to School Shoes

  1. Hi Kerry ,
    This is the first time that I participated in the Five Minute Friday Blogging. Not too sure if I got it right but if not it doesn’t really matter. You’re Link was in front of me. Like your post and you’re right New Shoes or Old Shoes there is always an abundance of Joy and Happiness around. Up to us to Make Life Better 🙂 Greetings from across the pond. Gertraud

  2. Cara says:

    Thanks for these sweet words. Such a great reminder. Affirmation goes a long long way! Glad I stopped by on FMF.

  3. Anita Ojeda says:

    I’m dropping in from Five Minute Friday-and as a teacher, I feel the same way I did as a kid! Raring to go on Monday, and dragging just a little bit by Friday :). But there’s joy in Fridays, that’s for sure!

  4. Spent 29 years in the classroom. So many changes and memories. Always loved getting new school shoes as a kid. Ours had to be leather. Sneakers were only for summer. LOL.

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