May You Know

Oh Child of Mine,

May you know

As surely as you know

But cannot see

The wind,

The tenderness of love,

The rhythm of your heartbeat,

The wonder of  new life,

And all the color of this world…

May you know,

As you know these,

The certainty of Hope.


I don’t mean

A little hope

Composed of wishful thinking

And “If all goes well, we’ll see”,

But a steadfast hope

That heals from the inside out

And undergirds, upholds your soul,

In the midst of a broken world

That says you cannot be sure of anything.

And all that’s left’s



From the depths of your spirit

To the outer limits of your intellect,

May you rest secure

In the hands of your Creator,

Hands that bear the marks of suffering-

Those gruesome, victory marks of love.

For, there is no other story

Whose anthem song is grace.


May you know what it is

To be gripped by Grace,

May you be both lost and found

In His deep, deep sea of Hope.

Oh Child of Mine,

This is my prayer:

May you know.


kpeterson     Sept. 27, 2013

If you are a parent, you know this prayer.  But certainly, it is not just for our children.  For any and all who wake on this embattled, yet miraculous, planet…. “May you know”.

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4 Responses to May You Know

  1. Patty Green says:

    Thanks, Kerry for the beautiful prayer for our children

  2. Sarah Jackson says:

    Wow, Kerry, so powerful and deep reaching. Your poems touch something way down inside. Thank you, friend!

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