Redeeming Disappointment

Trust in the midst of disappointment is surely as pure a form of thanksgiving as it comes. As we hurtle towards a season of gratitude, might we consider thanking Him in the midst of hope-stretching trials? Might we push it a little further and praise Him even as we wonder, “Why?”  This is one of those faith-steps that, while deeply personal, sure is easier to do when we hear others’ stories of their own redeemed disappointments.  So post away if you care to share.


Redeeming Disappointment

I don’t know what to do

With this disappointment. 


It feels like your will was hijacked

And driven off-course

By this unfair world.


Your call to welcome

Trials and temptations

Shocks my sense of justice,

Or is it just my sense of self?


It’s so much easier

To rail at injustice

Than consider it pure joy

That  patience has a chance to grow.


How remarkable

And in utter opposition

To the way we do things here

Is Your Way.


Your Way is foreign,


Which is, of course,

Exactly what You claim.


God of all redemption,

Whose humility continues to confound,

I quiet my spirit

And still my complaint

In light of the sacrificial nature

Of Your unreasonable love.


Bend my will in your loving embrace,

Clear my vision to see what You are about

And expand my soul to make room

For what you will do-

So altogether beyond 

What I could ask or think.


Thank you Father,

That your love 

Endures my doubt

And redeems my disappointments.


kpeterson   november 20, 2013

John 13, 1 Corinthians 13, Psalm 136, James 1






















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