Canopy of lacy cedar boughs

And garlands of greenest evergreen

Filter streaming sunlight

Like so many stained glass windows,

Creating a sacred space

For silent contemplation

On this cold December day.


Ochre-brown columns of pine

Stand stalwart,

Soaring from clay-rich soil,

Gracing bluest-blue sky

With a halo of green

That encircles and invites me ponder

The depths of heaven’s hue.


Crushed carpet of needles

From a bygone season

Mingles with the scent of cedar,

Incense as real and as rich

As ever burned

In any sacred gilded-hall.


The silence of nature’s sanctuary,

Profound as anthem-choir

Delights my senses with

A spectacular display of symbolism

Until a woodpecker drills

A bit of whimsy into the scene,

Boring into his pantry

To feast upon a mid-day meal

On this short-lived winter day.


An abrupt but apt benediction this,

For just as the feathered and the flowering

Have their needs secured,

So the Creator of this grace-filled

Cathedral in the Woods

Nourishes my hungry soul

And sees that I am fed as well.




December 2013

Bass Lake, California

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5 Responses to Cathedral

  1. Dad says:

    From caramel rolls to a solitary and sacred space in the Sierra…oh, daughter of mine, I love these words of yours!

  2. Beautiful, Kerry. I so enjoy and ponder everything you write.

  3. Sarah Jackson says:

    Beautiful….experienced this wondrous place through your words….a gift.

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