Any Condition

I used to think

I couldn’t come to You

In just any condition.

I thought I had to compose myself

And come


Into Your presence.


That only once I was settled and sedate

Might I have an audience with

My Savior-King.


And then I read your Word again.


It is a chronicle of people

Wrestling, doubting, shouting, pleading, crying, laughing,

Lamenting, dancing, and longing to be

In your presence.


How I love that You

Can handle the unedited

And undignified.


That the God of Goodness

And All Composure

Declares Himself to be

A Forbearing Father

That runs to meet

Any and all of His children

Without reservation

Is perhaps the most astounding miracle

In the unending trail of revelation

That winds through the centuries,

Prepared and preserved

For any and all…

Oh Praise Him,

Any and All…

In any condition.

Luke 15.  What a passage.  A summary wouldn’t do it justice- read it again today.  


January 2014


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3 Responses to Any Condition

  1. Stacy Aslan says:

    Thank you for the reminder that we don’t have to come to God in perfection! He is the creator and will perfect was is not of him and the rest He will allow you to shine a bright as a penny! To some a penny isn’t worth much but to others it may be just what they are needing.

  2. Sarah Jackson says:

    Love that we can come to Father God as we are, ruffled up, lathered in sweat from a dancing session, or with muddied, tear stained faces……just like children, with no concern of our pulled-togetherness…. We are His children and He wants us with Him in whatever condition! So good….this Luke 15 reminder. Thanks, friend!

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