Wake Up Call

Rising early

To wake my faith

Since it slumbers

Even while I can’t,

I wrap myself in a comforter

And sink into the crevice

Of our well-worn couch

To let You stir and suffuse

My soul

With Your good tidings of Great Joy.


Concerns tumble

Over one another

As I lay them out

And line them up

Before You.







I wait for these.



No demanding spiritual discipline, this,

But an exchange.

A surrender of defeat

For a celebration of Your victory.

A draining of fear

For a filling of faith’s expectancy.

A baring of sin

For a covering of forgiveness.


The peace I find in Your Presence

Warms my soul

And wakes my faith,

Even in the winter-dark

Of a January morn.


Thank You for the comfort

You wrap around my mind.

In each and every moment

And every last concern,

May You have the last word.

May You have my every word,

My every thanks,



january 2014     kpeterson


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4 Responses to Wake Up Call

  1. Donna says:

    What a wonderful wake up call!! Thank you Kerry:):):)

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  2. Your words were a great reminder that I too often jump up and rush, headlong, into my day with the only thoughts before me being those of my never-ending list of “must be dones.” Is it a wonder my day begins its great unraveling at that very moment? I haven’t hemmed it in before and behind. The days I have go so differently. Again, am I surprised? When I sit with The Lord, when I thank Him for every bit of my life, when I offer Him my day, and when I try to put His words into my brain to stay, the harried, anxious, demanding neediness of me steps back and the calming strength that is El Shaddai can take on whatever comes my way. I do not know why I choose one kind of day over the other. The few extra moments in bed do not in the end make up for a fractured and disheartening day. I need to choose the thing that will bring peace and strength. Time with the Father, as Jesus showed us, is always the way to bring strength when we are tired, peace when we are conflicted, and joy when we are filled with sorrow. Thank you for your beautiful reminder that time spent with The Lord is always well spent. What a lovely wake up call.

    • “When I thank Him for every bit of my life”… Well said Traceybee. . Isn’t that the place where the exchange takes place? It is not an easy place to get to but boy, even a few minutes there are the richest I have known. One of us needs to write about that. Go you! 😊

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