Not That, BUT These.


For such a meek

And mousy, little word,

It sure can pack a punch.



The paralyzing fear that

Circumstances will surely

Overtake and crush you,

Is never of God.


It is never of God.


That moment,

Just two degrees past the top

Of the wild ride?

When you are suspended

Above your seat

And the safety belt

Seems like a joke

To deal with the g-forces of change,

And all you want to do

Is get this ordeal over with.

Do you know that sickening plunge?


It has been addressed, my friend.

It has been addressed.


That very space and time

Where you’re not sure

Anyone, least of all God,

Cares or can do something

To keep you from crashing?

That moment has been addressed!


Making their way down the corridors of time,

Unflinching Words from The Word Himself

Fly to your side to secure and settle:

“God has not given you a spirit of timidity,

But of power, of love, and of a sound mind.”


Read it again!


God has not given you a spirit of fear,

But of power, of love, and a sound mind.”


That beautiful little word but!

It sits quietly, waiting

To ambush us with wonderful news:

“Not that, dear child,

But these…”

Not timidity, but power.

Not fear, but love

Not anxiety, but a sound mind.


Father Who Hears,

Give us surrendering-strength to release “That”

So we may receive “These”.

Help us endure with Your power.

May we laugh and love Your way,

Invigorated by the courage of a sound mind,

Freed from a life of fear.



2 Timothy 1:7


jan 2014

Fernando Ortega creates such a quiet, beautiful space to contemplate and meditate our Father-God. In the quiet, the Lord leads me away from “that” and into the exceedingly more pleasant realms of “these”. If you have time to be still awhile, seize the moment and enjoy this link.

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2 Responses to Not That, BUT These.

  1. Sarah Jackson says:

    Oh, Kerry, words I need to cling to again from my favorite verse. I stand challenged to step away from timidity and into His perfect peace and plan. He has addressed this whole fear issue in our lives, yes, He has addressed it. Thanks for your faithful words.

  2. Very nice observation, that little word ‘but.’

    I have always enjoyed a similar thought regarding Paul’s masterful defense of the gospel. He lays out all mankind as criminals, from the heathen, to the religious Jew, the moral, immoral, he paints a bleak picture of hope as to HOW a sinner can be made right with God.

    Then, to borrow your word, he adds ‘but now,’ and demonstrates how God can in fact make a sinner righteous before Him, without God compromising His own intrinsic eternal perfection. He states with heavens dogmatism it is through the gospel as seen in Christ, and by the power of God. (Rom. 3)

    A large topic, too deep to develop here, BUT all the best to you…

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