Tears Roll

How many people have you heard apologize when their voice gives way, when they choke on raw emotions that stick in the throat and spill from the eyes?    We fight it, this revealing of how deeply we grieve, we hurt, we love.  Why is that?  Is it cultural?  Is it human nature?   Been thinking on the many different ways we weep.  



Tears roll

When waves of deep emotion

Crash over the barriers

That usually contain

Our consciousness.


As unique as the circumstances

That call for them,

Tears are not all one and the same.


Sometimes, tears flash

As sad and bitter

Burn a swath

Through the fuel-rich

Forest of anger.


Tears can seep

From festering wounds of shame

For what we do,

For what’s been done.


Tears tumble and cascade

When the rapids of time

Take someone precious

Past the rim of our existence;

And we miss them,

How we miss them.


Tears of disappointment

Pinch and sting

When what we dearly want

And our heart is sure it sees,

Slips away, not to be.


But that’s not all.

No, that’s not all.


Other times, tears soak and scrub

Like cleansing-beads.

Forgiveness born,

They wash away

The sticky stain

Of injury and pain.


Tears spill like pearls,

Little jewels

That dance with jubilee

When dreams held captive

For so long within a heavy heart

Are freed.


Tears rejoice.

They break down the door

That words fail to open

When gratitude insists on escape

And runs wild.


There are times when tears

Well from a place of wholeness,

When we catch a glimpse

Of the purpose-pattern of it all.


And so we come, El Roi,

The God Who Sees,

The God who wept.

We lay down

Every scalding tear,

Every longing tear,

Every celebratory tear,

Each and every one,

We lay them at Your feet.



Kerry Peterson

February 2014

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11 Responses to Tears Roll

  1. How absolutely precious … thank you so much for sharing Kerry. Nearly called you Jan after looking at bottom of your post 🙂 … I guess that would have brought tears of laughter ???

  2. Willis Green says:

    Beautiful, Kerry

  3. Teresa says:

    This is my favorite EVER…..

  4. ‘…pinch and sting….; a lot going on with simple two syllable words; well played poetry.
    ‘Crying cleanse the heart, tears are emotional ajax.’

    That Jan comment was funny by the way. Reminds me of the young lady when asked what her name was; she said ‘Anne with an -e-‘ or another woman spells her name Elisabeth, instead of Elizabeth.

    There was no insult toward ‘Jans,’ just observing it does not ring true with your ear or life. It’s all good.

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