Humility’s Purpose

Routine demands

So often crowd out

The lingering sense

That there is more to this life.


The cyclonic nature

Of the details each day brings

Easily confuse and disorient

Our sense of direction.


Without long pauses and still seconds

For careful consideration,

We overlook the miraculous

And settle for mundane.


We must fight and reclaim

The holy nature of each hour.

Not a task or moment passes

That isn’t rife with opportunity

To speak blessing,

To grant grace,

To step back a bit

And clothe ourselves in humility.


And therein lies mysterious truth:

As we lay down our

Demands and Expectations

Our “ I will have what I want” pride,

We participate in exaltation.


We are free to elevate another,

And there is much joy in this.


Maybe we’ve lost our taste for it,

Or struggle to see that this is true,

But when we see it

In a life laid down,

Is it not met with a


Response of honor?




Definitely paradoxical,

But such is the Kingdom of God.




“Whoever exalts himself shall be humbled; and whoever humbles himself shall be exalted.”

Matthew 23:12

While our Savior-King deserves highest praise for His unmatched humility, these poem words are dedicated to my husband, a man of quiet, honor-filled humility.


February 2014

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9 Responses to Humility’s Purpose

  1. Dad says:

    A heart-felt endorsement on two counts, Kerry:
    (1) Quiet reflection, in the midst of our hurly-burly schedules, brings heretofore unseen
    opportunities to give, to heal, to encourage, to honor. Thanks for the lovely reminder.
    (2) Our son-in-law Brian is certainly worthy of your praise, and ours. He embodies the virtue
    of sacrificial humility. Mom and I appreciate him so much!

  2. This is really beautiful. I love that “we are free to elevate another and there is much joy in this”.

  3. Love your writing Kerry and really love you! So glad Brian chose you.

  4. Willis Green says:

    B Beautiful, Kerry, I am humbled by your words.

  5. Bill Ostrom says:

    “We are free to elevate another”. What joy that brings! Sometimes spontaneous, sometimes thought of and planned for, in hope that it might happen. Dallas W. quote “Most of what is called “character” (good or bad) in normal human life consists in what our bodies are or are not “at the ready” to do in specific situations where we find ourselves.” I’m better at “being ready” than I used to be but still, and always will be, an apprentice of Jesus. The wonderful, Spirit arranged, encounters of life where love is given and then received, definitely diminish any “slow burn” of anger. I see the love of Jesus in your eyes Kerry and Brian. Thanks for your beautiful words. Bill O.

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