Nature of Love

This beautiful scene captured my attention last winter on the Central Coast of California.  The contrast between the dry, chalky-gray granite background and the delicately vibrant wildflowers suggested some sort of symbolism, but I couldn’t quite articulate the truth  I saw.  Well, one year later, I think I’ve got it.  Better late than never.



big paintbrush




The Nature of Love

Amid the granite layers

Of this difficult world

Where briars, brambles,

Hard rock, and drought

Seem to take up so much space,

Beauty finds a foothold.



In its appointed season

Color emerges,

All splendid and wild

From rocky soil,

And the hard,

As gritty as it is,

Must settle for playing second fiddle

To the softening nature

Of love.




February 2014

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3 Responses to Nature of Love

  1. Diane says:

    Beautiful description Kerry of the strength of love. And when we allow it to emerge, what a gift we have! Praising Jesus that it does indeed cover a multitude of sins. Happy Valentine’s Day friend. ❤

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