I Wonder

I am not a morning person.   The shades on the windows of my soul don’t snap right open first thing.  But in the wait for hope to dawn, I find a lot of truth.


I Wonder

Sometimes when I wake,

I wonder

If You’re there.

I feel the weight of limitation-

I cannot prove your goodness

To myself or to the world

In the way we’re trained to know.


So, sitting in the silence to listen

With windows open to let the outside in,

I hover in that detached

Place between expectant and resigned.


Not thirty heartbeats pound

Before a cheer-filled refrain

Spills in with the sunshine,

And I hear the chant.

I hear the song of it.

I hear the noisy evidence

Of Otherness,

Of You.


Chirpy little song birds whistle it

Atop a tree that sleeps in winter rest.


Dainty breeze dancing through palm fronds

Whispers of it.


In the sky, atop the ground,

Clambering up stalk, fence and vine-

Winsome shades of color burst to celebrate it.


In inexhaustible precision,

The glorious sun counts it aloud

Morning and night,

Like a massive metronome

Keeping time.


The eyes, the smiles, the trusting heart

Of children everywhere reflect it-

This song of Something More.


Yes, I contend

We can measure and observe

This Otherness.

We do it every day.

We plow our way

Through  a crowded room of glory

Every single day.


The oxygen that inflates our lungs

And the waves that carry

Sights and sounds to eyes and ears,

The taste and touch

Of all the wonder

And even all the pain,

Yes, even all the pain screams out,

There must be something more.

An abyss cannot create such intent.

Hope cannot emerge from a void.


And so, I cup my hands

And receive this hope.

I give thanks that You too

Saw a need for evidence

And granted our request

Before we even asked.


Oh God who creates,

Redeems and sustains

With quiet but sovereign hand,

Help us to wonder,

Help us to listen,

Help us to see and understand

Revelations of your glory all around,



February 2014

I know for some, it is a jump from the miraculous to a Person.  But even this bears pondering.  Contemplation, so important to spiritual well-being, needs to be cultivated, yes?

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5 Responses to I Wonder

  1. Sharon Donald says:

    Oh, Kerry… You continue to lay bare those areas of struggle…thank you for offering hope and comfort for our brokenness, affirmation of God’s presence everywhere.
    love you much!

    • Sharon, thank you for speaking blessing into my life – you accepted and blessed me over and over in my growing up years. And now, a new place to share life. Much love to you.

  2. barb82678 says:


  3. This beautiful poem fills me with hope. Just what I needed today!

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