What’s a Miracle?

In a world

Of plenty

That never has enough,

In a time

When scientific know how

Sets expectations

That wind and bind themselves

In, through,

And so very tightly around

The core of our existence,

We do not talk much of wonder anymore.


We do not linger long in the quiet of contemplation.

We’ve expelled unruly questions

And enthroned skepticism in their spot.

Heavy-handed, it settles in hard

And sneers at our search

For the miraculous in life.


Can curiosity challenge our confusion?

Dare we stop and ask,

“Would I know a miracle if I saw one?

Are they even still around?”


I contend they do exist

And cross our path

With confounding regularity.

For simply put,

Is not a miracle

The appearance of some provision

We could not secure for ourselves?


We need not look

Far and wide to find

Such a free and fabulous gift.

We inhabit our very own

Surprising revelation.


A body

Whose sum is much more than its parts,

So finely tuned and systematized

To work in perfect unity,

Enables us to

Laugh, love, and learn,

Eat and enjoy,

Swim, sweat, and sleep.


We inhabit them

With absolute familiarity,


But does familiarity preclude a miracle?


Think on this awhile:

We did not create them.

We did not purchase them.

We did not search the world over

To climb in our own skin.

We simply woke,

And we were.


Lay still awhile

In the quiet hours

And listen to the

Purposeful pound of your heart.

Chambers and valves,

Lightning-quick signals and rejuvenated blood

Pumping life to every last inch you indwell.


Close your eyes

And think upon those

Wondrous windows on the world

You watch from everyday.

Retina, cornea, iris

And that vital vitreous humor

With its good-natured name-

Complicated components

You simply open and shut

Without cost, without care.


Consider the marvelous maze

Of neurons, synapses, and dendrites,

A grid you did not design nor dream up.

And yet, not one step

Nor marathon run

Were ever accomplished

Without them.


The list goes on

And on and on.

Without looking beyond

The borders of our bodies,

We find evidence

Of Something More.

And here is the thing,

The really big thing:

If we inhabit a gift,

Should we give up easily on

Seeking the Giver?


Celebrate the miraculous nature of you.

Name the wonders you see,

And follow hard on the trail

Of what it all means.


kerry peterson

March 2014

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One Response to What’s a Miracle?

  1. Patty Green says:

    I am in awe at the wonder of it all.

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