Moving Mountains

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Moving Mountains

We pray for God to move mountains,

To win battles on our behalf.

And certainly,

It’s a child’s right to ask.


But, we need always remember-

The mountain He’s looking to move

May be our very own heart.



April  2014










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3 Responses to Moving Mountains

  1. Diane says:

    It usually is. Gulp! And at times, I’m sure it’s easier for Him to move Everest than to move this hard heart of mine. (but praise God…He does it anyway!!) 🙂

  2. Such beautiful truths, Kerry! My heart’s desire is that The Immovable One will not say the same of me.

  3. Sarah Jackson says:

    The truth of your piece, Kerry, caught me off guard! And for good reason….the brevity of it leaves no room for self deception. Thank you.

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