My Own

I usually write in the first person, so when I began “hearing” some of the following lines in my head it took me a minute to realize that they were addressed to me, rather than from me.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this at first, but I looked to see if the words carried truth I knew from Scripture. I believe they do. I share them in hopes that they might bring encouragement to any out there in need of a reminder of how, and how much, we are loved.



My Child,

Release your grip

On a million things

That really don’t matter.


Refuse to serve routines

That wear you out

But lead you nowhere.


Turn over self-talk tendencies

That creep in and carve their ugly epithets

On the walls of your mind.

For, these are not of Me.


I did not lay down my life,

Nor did I pick it back up

That you might pack around


Or blame,


Or strife.


My Kingdom is spacious

And there is a place for all.

But there is not room-

Not a closet

Nor even a drawer-

Set aside for


Or malice,

Or greed.


Beloved, don’t set your hope

On what you store up,

What you shore up,

Or how you feel

On any given day.


My love is much larger than this.

My freedom is much deeper than this.

Wait on me for worth,

For forgiveness,

For contentment,

And peace.


Ask Me to teach you



And generosity.


I am not willing that any should perish.

I call you My Own,

And I love with an everlasting love.

Watch and see,

Relent and rest,

For I work to make you whole.




april 2014










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11 Responses to My Own

  1. Patty Green says:

    Kerry, How could you know how badly I needed this message of hope. Thank you so much.

  2. tjpete2013 says:

    Love it! Something I really need to hear and remember to put into practice.

  3. Melinda says:

    A beautiful reminder. Needed this.

  4. Annette says:

    This was exactly what I needed to read today. I shared it a friend and she was equally as blessed. Thanks for sharing your message here.

  5. As always, so perfect. God is gifting you and giving you His words for us. Don’t be at all anxious to pen what you are hearing from El Elyon. It is always just exactly right. Thank you.

  6. Sarah Jackson says:

    No words in response…….just a full heart and tears of relief because of His great love.

  7. love the song! … and – great post!

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