Hard Stop

This week packed a punch,

And I am so very ready

To shut down

The full throttle press

To manage and master

All manner of concerns,

Both real and imagined.


All I want is

To slip out of this realm-

This rut-

And release myself

Into Your quiet presence

Where calm whispers

Of Your grace

And all-sufficiency

Drip mercy into

My mind’s grinding gears

That have burned up

All available fuel.



Oh, the bliss

Of a complete, hard stop.



The blur of tasks

Flying from head

To list

To hand

Has left me dizzy

And unable to see

The veil of nature-vignettes

You cloak our earthly existence in.


As the spinning stops,

Such beauty comes in focus:

The sun highlights

Fantastical detail

Of daisy-white

And pale-pink garden blooms

That seem to sing

A chorus of creation

And renewal.


The yellow grain

Of wild-growing vine

Mimics the sun’s slanting rays

In perfect unison

And absolute delight.


Even insects,

Frolicking a foot above

The carpet of lawn

That collides

With the bleached-white fence,

Fascinate me in this refreshing state of

Suspended animation.


Was all this glory going on

While I floored my way

Through the race track

This week became?


I know that You were with me-

You say that You will never leave.

But how I love these moments

Where the siren-song

Of Urgent and Required

Are silenced

By the hush that accompanies

Your holy presence

And all You’ve made.




may 2014















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7 Responses to Hard Stop

  1. So beautiful Kerry … touched my heart … would love to see your poems published (or do you have one already and I’ve missed it xxx

    • Liana, bless you for your words of encouragement. A published poem is still in the dream phase. Have you published?

      • Thanks Kerry, yes I have one e-book “Fragrance from the Spring” and would love to gather all my poems/song lyrics to date and have them in hard cover; but at this stage I think a soft cover is in the making. So daunting … have to put them all into pdf for this particular publisher and it looks like they will all have to be changed individually (there are between 350 and 400!)

  2. Willis Green says:

    Thanks,Kerry for reminding me He is right there!

  3. Sarah Jackson says:

    To see the beauty that was birthed out of the struggles of a crazy week is to me both comforting and challenging. Thanks for modeling the discipline of silence and meditation for us, your readers, as an antidote to my choice of a hectic lifestyle.

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