Yep. Graduation Week.

It’s graduation week all over the place and our home is no exception.

I’ve posted this poem once before. It’s where the blog’s name originated; but, I post it again today to honor our son who has shown great courage when the winds of change blew hard and to thank The Lord for His provision to that end.

I’m not sure how many times you can  dedicate something in one sitting, but I also want to give a shout out to the moms and dads who have invested all they have to raise these precious Children-Gifts, especially those who have known (perhaps repeatedly) the feeling of inadequacy. It’s okay to be honest about that.

Our son’s AP Government teacher just delivered a beautiful baccalaureate address on this very topic, and I am teary with gratefulness that a mother of her caliber was willing to name this place of “What Could’ve, What Should’ve, What Might’ve” where parents and children alike can camp during this time of transition.  So good to hear again tonight, that whatever possibility-doors open or do not open, you can find The Lord in the very place you are.

Blessings on you nearly-all-grown-up-children who step out that front door, the site of so many “first day of school” photo sessions, in cap and gown this month.  Remember you are loved.


Fish and a Biscuit

Feeling empty-handed and inadequate,
Longing to deliver healing and joy,
I sit down next to you as you face
A turbulent sea
And try to figure how to cross.

I want a staff like Moses’,
Authority from Yahweh himself
To part the waters, make a path
Across the troubling deep.

I want a voice like Jesus’,
He slept through a storm; but woke to say,
“Peace, Be Still.”
And the threatening storm obeyed.

I want a faith like Paul’s,
He prayed and chains fell off.
But many more nights
No rescue came, and yet he praised you still.


I want courage like Andrew.
A hillside of hungry folk to feed- with what?
A small boy’s lunch?
Smirks be damned, he brought it to his Master
And the entire crowd was fed.

I see your need, I hear your pain,
And all I feel I have:
A handful of fish and a measly biscuit.
Inadequate, I cannot meet your need.

So, swallowing pride, I hand over our impossibilities
To the Merciful One
Who, it seems, loves to fill
An empty hand and an expectant heart.

Lord, turn our shortage to abundance.
Bring victory in this trial.
Make feast from a fish and a biscuit.


Kerry Peterson  2013

Thank you Faithful Father, for having indeed made a feast from a  handful of fish and a biscuit these past two years.  Help us trust you yet again for what lies ahead.

Matthew 14:13-21



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6 Responses to Yep. Graduation Week.

  1. Thank you, Kerry. From all of us who stand nearly empty-handed, looking at tomorrow and tomorrow with trepidation, thank you for the perfectly worded reminder that we have more than enough for today–and we have Him who has it all in His big, gentle, mighty, capable hands.

  2. Just beautiful Kerry … I hope your loved ones know just how blessed they are to have you in their lives xxx

  3. Patty Green says:

    Kerry, So well said and timely

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