Layers of a Life

I love the way nature seems designed to reveal so much truth about the spiritual world. Repeatedly, nature offers a fresh perspective to the way we think and the challenges we face.  



Layers of a Life

Contrary to my expectations,

There is no buffer,

No shock-absorbing space

Between the layers of life.


Rarely does it feel like a lamina of tranquility

Pads the weight of change.

A new stratum of our story

Is usually deposited

Before the one below

Has a chance to settle or solidify.


We are all familiar with the strain

Of seasons pressing, one atop another,

Without concern for conformity

Or the dictates of good timing.


I’m learning to make my peace

With the competing powers

Of upheaval and compression;

Accepting  folds, buckles, and a whole lot of grit

As part of life’s intended cycle.


I’m also learning that these layers of my life

Lose some of their edginess

When I lay down expectations

And simply take in the view.


Maybe the panoramic scene

Of life’s many layers

Is not characterized by discontinuity.

Maybe they are sculpted

With more harmony and cohesion

Than I can possibly know.




july 2014



“But the LORD has been my stronghold,

And my God the rock of my refuge.”

Psalm 94:22

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2 Responses to Layers of a Life

  1. I feel your pain!! The elusive dream of good timing…always “out there” never within my realm of experience. But in the end, your final stanza is pure truth: what we may see at the time as discontinuity has a harmony and cohesion we can’t always see until later on. Trusting in the Mountain-Maker isn’t easy, but it sure is vital. Thanks for your beautiful and gentle reminder.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Excellent truth: “Maybe they are sculpted with more harmony and cohesion than I can possibly know.”

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