Being Found

“The notion of unmerited mercy is quaint but unintelligible to most of us, since it has no prototype in our human experience.  The dramatic surprise that comes in the stories of of the searching shepherd, the searching woman, and the searching father is that being found by a searching God is more important than anything we do.”

Brennan Manning – The Wisdom of Tenderness*



Being Found

I am the lost lamb.

I am the missing coin.

I am the reckless, greedy child.


Before I even knew that I was lost

Or felt a sense of sadness

At the distance between Him and me,

He had left the ninety-nine who followed Him home

To pursue me with unflagging determination

Til He found me on the precipice,

Out of fight and out of options.


Before I sensed the separation,

He lit the lamp,

Darkness no deterrent to His search.

He swept and scoured

Every last corner of that house

With greatest care

Until He uncovered

And recovered me.


Before I uttered a repentant word

Or looked to breach the gap,

He watched, waiting

At the window.

And oh the day I made my weary way up

The last road home,

He ran down the driveway

Overcome with love and compassion.

He caught what was left of me up

In His tender embrace,

And met my brokenness with mercy’s kiss. *


There is nothing half-hearted about His redeeming ways.

He revels in reunion.

He throws a party every time!


It was easy for me to wander off.

It was easy for me to squander blessing.


It was hard for him to find me.

My recovery cost Him much.


But see how He celebrates my return!

He buries me in His open arms

And holds me aloft while He sings His victory song.


The most important thing I ever did,

I really didn’t do

I was found.


He found me.


kerry peterson

august 2014


Based on Jesus’s parables of His love for us,  found in Luke 15





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6 Responses to Being Found

  1. Found. Such a powerful word. Because without it we are lost, and hopeless, and helpless, and floundering. It’s too hard to be brave when you are all alone. Bravery is a whole lot easier when a mighty warrior is standing in front of you beating down the path and guiding your footsteps. Thank you for the reminder that we are not alone in this life-journey. We may not have a map, compass, or some days any idea of where in the world we are going, but we have our Navigator who knows everything. He has us be the hand and that’s all we need to know.

  2. Patty Green says:

    Oh, Kerry, Wehave such hope. Thank you for reminding me!

    • Thank you, Patty for encouraging me right back! It is good to know that though we walk our journeys individually in many of the details and specifics, we do not walk in loneliness. We have one another. What a comfort.

  3. Annette says:

    The idea of being found by a loving a Father is so beautiful… is my life source. This was truly beautiful.

  4. Sarah Jackson says:

    Oh, the mercy of it all. “The most important thing I ever did, I really didn’t do.” So good. So true. Thanks, Kerry.

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