Praise and Petitions

Lord God,

Thank you for your invitation.

Thank you that we need not be


Nor powerful,

Nor all put together

To be included.


Give us faith to trust you

In the places where we do not see your hand,

At least not yet.


Swallow up our weakness in your grace

That your power may be unleashed

To love this weary world through us.


Free us from our fears

That we will not have enough,

That we will not be enough.

Let us rest in the security of You.


You alone are good and wise.

You alone deserve the honor

We heap on a thousand worthless things.

Teach us how to lay down our lives

And pick up our cross,

That our lives may have the measure of consequence

You’ve designed and you desire.


We breathe a quiet prayer of thanks

For a Savior whose mercy runs so deep

He would not let us go

Without a fight,

Who braved the fire of our rebellion

And came out the other side,

Wounded but Victorious,

With any and all who would have Him

Safe and sound within His arms.


We sing and spin in a joyful dance

That we are loved so recklessly,

So completely.

May we have the courage

And conviction, Father God,

To love with such abandon.





November 2014

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One Response to Praise and Petitions

  1. Kerry, thank you for the blessing of your words, strung together to create a hope-chain. We may not be at the place where we can love as our Lord has, or even have the courage to fully trust Him with all we hold dear—but you remind us that He loves us. In spite of who we are, and because of who we are He loves us completely—that is something to be truly thankful for. As always, I am blessed beyond measure by your words.

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