A Daily Prayer

Mornings come early, especially Monday mornings.   The easy cadence of the weekend felt so good.  It lulled me into a delightful, languid daze.   Can there really be a world outside my cozy den that needs attention?   Because the urge to hibernate, both physically and emotionally,  is bone deep today.

A steaming mug of dark roast sweetened nearly beyond recognition, aids my mind’s sluggish climb to consciousness.   One cup in, I am awake enough to recognize the inevitable, so I capitulate and contemplate the day’s demands.   At first blush, they seem monotonous, in a rather challenging way and altogether unfun.   (Well, it’s a word now.) Remarkably, they seem to multiply as I mull them over.   A caffeine aided adrenaline rush kicks in and I lurch frantically out of my drowsy reverie to chase and tackle the first task before I fall behind.   But wait.   Slow down.   Deep breath.   This is no way to begin.

First things first…

Cue the long pause…..

Creator of All,

 Including this day’s journey,

 I kneel before you to ask that your Spirit

 Stir my sluggish soul to recognize the path

 You’ve mapped out for me to travel today.

  I need you to make the way straight,

  Because as you know,

I am loathe to check the compass often,

And rely far too much on dead reckoning.

  May I be a pleasant traveling companion this day,

And not get so focused on covering enough ground

That I fail to note the condition of strangers

 And climbing companions alike.

  When I come upon one whose load chafes,

Give  me the compassion and control

To slow,  so I  may walk with them for a time

And perhaps carry some of their load.

Help me follow on your heels,  pace me.

Help me appreciate the terrain in all its rugged beauty.


Moro Rock, Sequoiah National Park, California

Moro Rock, Sequoiah National Park, California

Kerry Peterson       January 2013


2 Responses to A Daily Prayer

  1. Terersa says:

    just exactly what my soul needed. Love you, love your writing.

  2. Love this prayer! Came back to it again today.

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