A Mother’s Prayer


This is a prayer a long time in the making in this mother’s heart. I remember reading in some parenting magazine or another, while pregnant with our eldest, that once you become a mother, your life will  never be the same.  I wondered  exactly what that meant.  Twenty-two years and three precious children later, I know.

If you are not a mother (or a father), you may have a different relationship or dream that means the world to you, and you struggle to cherish but grasp it loosely.  Feel free to substitute your own treasure, and try leaving it at the Throne of Grace.                     Hebrews 4:15-16

                                                                                                                                                              A MOTHER AT THE THRONE OF GRACE

Who do I think I am?  I’ve gotten a little too big for my britches.

Not in fame or wealth, but in power.

As in, thinking I have more than I do.  Thinking I have much at all.

Taking responsibility for things way beyond my sphere.

Imagining myself: “The Supreme Keeper Of  Safety and Wellness”

For those I love best.

How mistaken I have been.

Rather late I see that I can offer nothing in the form of guaranteed protection.

No amount of agonized concern builds a  firewall to keep all trouble out.

So I lay down these delusions,

Transform them to petitions.

Gather up all that needs provision:

My dreams for their well-being, every trial they will face.

And nestle them tenderly in  the most beautiful box I can find:

A treasure box, for that is what it holds.

Humbly, I set it at His feet at the Mighty Throne of Grace.

Oh, I’ll snatch it back repeatedly,

But that’s the thing about our Abba God.

He knows.

And from what I gather, He understands.

Knowing this helps me want to trust Him- leave it there.

Makes me wonder if, in fact, this Sovereign’s patience with all that snatching

Is partly why it’s called the Throne of Grace.



5 Responses to A Mother’s Prayer

  1. Patsy Green says:

    Hi Kerry, I am so blessed to read your words today. They fit like a soft leather glove.

  2. Precious … yes, children are a gift from God and we are so blessed to share our days and memories with them. I love the part about the treasure box.

  3. Sandra says:

    Wow! You expressed the sentiments of my heart so beautifully. I too have three grown children, plus six young grandchildren. Oh, how we want to protect them and make things better. And, oh how our Father wants us to trust HIM to do that — or to perhaps send some raindrops into their lives to strengthen them (something we would never do ourselves). I’m so thankful for Abba Father as well. Thank you, sister, for your thoughtful expression. Sandra Barker
    p.s. I just signed on to receive your posts (:

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